03 November 2010

10 Model Home Creative Design Interior

love visiting model homes and being inside such beautifully furnished interiors.  During the housing boom, I remember people getting into lines just to see a model home offering in the LA area.  I miss those days as not that many good and quality model homes are being offered anymore.
So to bring back some good memories I was scavenging the internet to quench my thirst for model home images.  I finally came homecreativedesigninterior.blogspot.com, a full service design firm that includes model home merchandising serving the PA area.  And I’d have to say I miss browsing stylish interiors and immaculate kitchens.10 Model Home Creative Design Interior :

The Kitchen.  Yup, I love to cook!  So the kitchen is my most favorite room to look at when browsing models.  The industry grade appliances and marble counter tops.


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