04 November 2010

Home Creative Design Interior-Green Interior Design

Green interior design is a post-construction step that is most likely similar to other ecological construction tasks. The materials used are eco-friendly. The techniques and principles used are inclined to answer to sustainable business practices. However, green interior designing is much keener in details as it involves specified furniture and fixtures, wall paint and paper, door and window treatments and other space features, complete with the entire finishes and textures.

There are numerous interior design materials that are both eco-friendly and trendy. A green design may use furniture made from natural materials. Popular choices are mango wood, bamboo, coco lumber and rattan. Wall paneling, finishing and flooring could be made from wheat boards and coco which designs are raw-looking and best reflective of eco-friendliness; recycled aluminum or brass tiles which look rustic and tasteful; bamboo panels which are flexible and fresh-looking.


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